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Blankets Blanket and more blankets

I never thought I would have a problem distributing blankets to the children for the Binky Patrol... BUT I am...

We have had wonderful donations of handmade quilts and afghans and fleece comfortors and no reciepants.

I have contacted fire departments in Mercer county. They do not seem to want the extra responsibility of handing out blankets to children after a house fire. Understandably they carry a lot of equipment and such.

I have contacted several other groups and no return calls.

SURELY, somewhere in Mercer county there is a child who is ill, homeless, whos home just burnt down or something that would feel loved by receiving a brand new comforter...

Anyone in Mercer County or Lawrence for that matter Because Monaca Girl Scouts have donated 4 blankets, who needs a blanket for a child 0-18 please let me know.

THERE IS NO COST... these blankets are beautiful, handmade and NEW.

No strings attached for more info visit
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