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     New Hope for the Holidays has been organized by Topeka, KS area rescue workers; we've often worked closely with them in the past, so when they contacted us with their idea, we were eager to help in any way we could.

     What we hope to accomplish is an alliance of shelters, shelter workers, and communities to help facilitate the adoption of special cases this holiday season. There are so many homeless animals, but some are just a touch more difficult to find homes for than others; it is these that we hope to reach out, and help.

     We hope, with enough interest, to be able to put out a weekly newsletter starting this weekend, Dec. 4th and 5th, and running until the last weekend of January. Each newsletter will contain a brief summary about New Hope for the Holidays, and possibly a shelter per week; but the bulk of it will contain information and stories on specific animals at shelters who wish to participate and submit an animal under their care for featuring. We hope that through increased, detailed information offered complimentary to the general public, more of these wonderful animals will find permanent, loving homes when it has thus far been so impossible. We also hope to maintain a website featuring the animals in the newsletter as well as information on how to donate to a cause, how to go about contacting to adopt or for more information on the animals, and perhaps any special offers the participating shelters are willing to offer to help these animals get adopted.

    I assisted in putting together the site for them, and am now helping to spread the word.  Please, visit the site linked below, look it over, think about it, and do what you can.  We're hoping for cross posting of the link, and for people to contact them (or us) with ideas, so feel free.  If you know any shelters in your area, or any people that would be willing to help by posting flyers or distributing the newsletter, (or, of course, adopt) by all means.  The Lucky Ones are featuring any animal that fits the criteria, of any breed or species, from anywhere.  We just need to get their stories into the public's eye.  I know the holidays are technically over, but the idea is a good one, these animals still need help, and the offer of transportation is good until the end of January.

     The reason I post this here is because there is a dog listed currently in Pittsburgh, PA.  Please give Jeff a look, as well as the other animals.

    Thank you in advance.</a>
(Please Be Advised : The O in Ones is a zero)

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