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Just because Western PA does suck!

John-John's is a full service nightclub located in Greenville, PA. Just a tad under 12 miles from the I-79 exit (Okay - 11.8) and a few miles from the junction of I-80 and 79. This is the only club of its sort outside of Youngstown, Ohio and serves the nightlife of five nearby colleges and all of Mercer county.

We are in the process of becoming the premier nightclub in the North West corner of Pennsylvania. We are planning to be open starting in early May (Good Lord Willing!) at least four nights a week, featuring the best in Live Music, DJ's, Comedy and Dancing.

Currently we are in the process on refurbishing an old warehouse with a top flight sound system, bar, security and kitchen. Did I mention the special VIP lounge? Oh, and the affordable prices? What's this about our soon to be famous "Bad Sex" hotdog?

We are planning on putting up an official website soon to go hand in hand with this journal and our account -
Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

Look back often to see photo's and read about our progress! Then once we open our doors, how to learn about our VIP program, promotions and acts!

If you want to contact us, the email is

Happy new year and next year the party is at our Place!
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