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mercerpa's Journal

Western Pa
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This community is for anyone from or around mercer county PA. Including but not limited to: Mercer, Fredonia, Sharon, Sharpsville, Shakelyville, Transfer, Erie, Pittsburgh, Niles OH, Boardman OH, Lake Latonka, Greenville, Grove City, Hermitage, Youngstown OH, Sandy Lake, Buttler, Beaver, New Castle, Meidville, West Middlesex, etc, etc
If you live within the area and want to come discuss events like concerts, plays, firework displays, christmas celebrations, art exhibits, after school games and events, etc.
Or if you want to form clubs: An anime club, a pet lovers club, A automobile club. You name it.
This is intended for people who live within 2 to 3 hours of the pittsburgh/erie area But everyone is free to join and have fun!